Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum!

Typically a multistate indicator display error means your have a tagging problem or an invalid state/value. Make sure that all you state values are set to what you expect to see assigned to the tag.

As for your second question(s). You can monitor bit arrays for alarm conditions in FactoryTalk View, but you can’t assign bit arrays to graphic objects or write to bit arrays. Therefore, all bit array tags in your PanelBuilder application are converted to memory tags.

PanelView32 Objects not converted to FactoryTalk View Machine Edition:
Piloted Control List Selector
Print Only Object
Goto Config Screen Button
Circular Scale
Scrolling Text
Print Alarm Button
Horn Silence Button
Lamp/Horn Test Button
Select Operator Button
Enable/Disable Security Button
New Password Button
Verify Password Button

Therefore, you may have to restructure how the faults are handled in your PLC logic in order to trigger them. For example create an DINT array (if using RSLogix5000) or INT (if RSLogix500) and then setup your faults something like this FaultArray[0].0, FaultArray[1].1 etc. Keep in mind when you add this array to the Alarms in FTV the trigger value is offset by 1. Example FaultArray[0].0 trigger value is 1, FaultArray[1].1 trigger value is 0 etc.

Hope this helps!