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PLCGuru Thanks! I did’n’t know I’ve got reply here, I could not get email response even on my spam.

1. ”Typically a multistate indicator display error means your have a tagging problem or an invalid state/value. Make sure that all you state values are set to what you expect to see assigned to the tag”
THE STATES ARE AS CONFIGURED ON PANEL BUILDER32 state0 no message, state1 with a message, I noticed that my tag comes up in Factory Talk shortcut ‘Offline’ folder BUT there no ‘ONLINE’ Folder showing in my shutcut. WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS PLEASE?

2. ”Tag es temp: Bit Array tags are not supported. Tag will be converted as a memory tag”? (eg. bit array Tag ”comp1_ft’ having N10:25/6 with array size 2)”
I got a suggestion that goes thus: since array size is 2, that’s N10:25/6 will have N10:25/6 and N10:25/7, He said I should move them to unused integer starting from bit 0 say; N10:25/6 moved to N10:135/0 and N10:25/7 moved to N10:135/1. THEN on HMI tag editor, that I should tie the Tag (Comp1_ft) JUST to N10:135 CAN THIS WORK FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE?

3. On Tag editor window, When I change to INT, Should I also change from ‘MEMORY’ Tag option to ‘DEVICE’ tag?

4. Numeric Data Display in Panel Builder32 converted to Text Object in FactoryTalk ME (and Text Object doesn’t has ‘connection’ tab) I CHANGED THE TEXT OBJECTS TO NUMERIC DISPLAY IN FT ME, IS THIS CORRECT?

I will appreciate your input!