AdminFred Graham

Hi Daniel no problem. Hopefully you’re getting them now.

1. And you’ve checked the “Value” field for each state you configured aligns with the value you’re writing from the PLC, i.e., State 0 -> Value=0, State 1 -> Value=1, State 2 -> Value=3 etc.? Because you’re using a SLC (presumably) based on your addresses, I’m not aware of any option to auto browse the controller via ONLINE tags unfortunately. This feature is reserved for ControlLogix platform of controllers so all your tags will need to be configured in the HMI Tags Editor in FTV.

2. This should work as you describe.

3. Yes, when you are accessing a specific location in memory in your SLC, which you are in your integer file, you should be using a Device type. Also, it should follow this format ::[AccessPath]Address, where :: indicates that the address resides in a data server in the application. The two colons are necessary when the address contains a colon, for example, N7:0.

A tag with device as its data source receives its data from a source external to FactoryTalk View. The data can come from a programmable controller or other device via RSLinx Enterprise, or from another OPC server.

A tag with memory as its data source receives its data from (and stores values in) the FactoryTalk View internal value table.

4. Yes, this should work for you!