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1. Could you please Outline steps for connecting RSLinx and Factory Talk ME With SLC500 EMULATE500
(I want to figure out what I’m doing wrong because toggling bits on RSLogix500 changes bit value to 1 on data table BUT DOES NOT REFLECT ANY CHANGE IN FACTORY TALK ME) assuming my tags are OK?

2. FOR BIT ARRAY TAG ISSUE, Can this second suggestion also work?: E.g, Bit array tag with address N10:45/8 and with array size 2, CAN I EXPAND THE ARRAY N10:45/8 WITH ARRAY SIZE 2 TO TWO DIFFERENT TAGS SAY; N10:45/8 to new tag Comp1_ft1 and N10:45/9 to new tag Comp1_ft2? IF YES, THEN HOW CAN THE TWO NEW TAGS BE INCORPORATED (Tied) BACK TO JUST ONE MULTI-STATE INDICATOR THAT HELD THE SINGLE TAG EARLIER BEFORE EXPANSION?

3. If a Tag with Address N10:55 references 4 states (state0….state3), what bits in the word will point to state0, state1, state2 and state3 in scenario where i. the N10:55 has just two bits in use (N10:55/0 and N10:55/1)?
ii. the N10:55 has all the bits in the word in use?

4. FROM YOUR STATEMENT ABOVE; ”And you’ve checked the “Value” field for each state you configured aligns with the value you’re writing from the PLC, i.e., State 0 -> Value=0, State 1 -> Value=1, State 2 -> Value=3 etc.? Because you’re using a SLC (presumably) based on your addresses, I’m not aware of any option to auto browse the controller via ONLINE tags unfortunately. This feature is reserved for ControlLogix platform of controllers so all your tags will need to be configured in the HMI Tags Editor in FTV” THIS STATEMENT: ”i.e., State 0 -> Value=0, State 1 -> Value=1, State 2 -> Value=3 etc.?” IS CONFUSING TO A NEWBIE, SHOULD State 2 -> Value=3 OR IS IT TYPO ERROR?
i.e., State 0 -> Value=0, State 1 -> Value=1, State 2 -> Value=3 etc.?