AdminFred Graham

1. I have not personally setup RS500 Emulate to FTV. I know there are some inherent issues with that emulate software running newer OS’s perhaps someone else here can help with that.

2. I see what you are asking, I’m going to say not directly. You can do what you suggest using two separate number display indicators

3. Ok I see, you only have two bits you want to look at. So 2^2 = 4 states as you indicate is correct. Are the other bits in the word N10:55 being used for anything else? If not, when you look at it in integer form it should only take on a value 0 through 3. If the other bits in N10:55 are being used and/or written to somewhere else (bits 4 through 15) then I would suggest you do a masked move to a different integer word to filter the other bits and point your HMI there.

4. The “Value” for a state can be any integer value you define, they don’t necessarily need to align. The important thing is when you want State 0 to trigger ensure the value you’re writing from the PLC matches the value you have set for that state.