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AdminFred Graham
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Ok. To trigger the events at certain times of day I would recommend using the GSV instruction to get the WallClock time of the CPU.

If local time is desired from the processor (either ControlLogix or CompactLogix), the Attribute Name for the GSV/SSV should be set to LocalDateTime.

Any version 16 or newer RSLogix 5000 applications that have a GSV/SSV using the attribute of DateTime will see this time differential as the DateTime attribute now reflects UTC time.

In RSLogix 5000 V16 on above, use the GSV instruction with the following parameters;

  • Instance Name: blank
  • Attribute Name: LocalDateTime.
  • For the Dest insert the first element of a DINT[7] array to get all the data correctly.

Once you have the DINT[7] array populated with the time, the logic to trigger what you ask (i.e., certain time of day, every hour, etc.) should be straight forward.