Reply To: Communication of Allen Bradley PLC and Visual Studio C#

Sefasefa sanbay
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Sir, you explained perfect. Let me tell you what I will do;

I will buy Ingear NET.Logix.6.0 software. And I install this software to my computer. As you showed, I will add the required dlls from references. So I will be ready to write C# codes.

At Allen Bradley side, I will write a simple MicroLogix5000 program that will give digital output and analog input. If assumed that the tag name of digital output is TagDO and the tag name of analog input is TagAI, I will just try to access to these TagDO and TagAI tags from my C# application.

That is it? Do I have to do some settings on MicroLogix5000 side? I mean about communication settings or allow access or something else ?