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Hi Jim

There are two ways built into all current models of the panelview family (Pv+6,pv+7 and even the Panelview 800 component hmi)

As long as your mobile device is connected to the same network as the Panelview, you can use either Viewpoint or VNC. Both have their place, so here is a brief explanation of each.


Viewpoint- Viewpoint allows you to view only certain screens of the application without interacting with the actual Panelview. Viewpoint works by using the Viewpoint configuation tool in FT Studio  and you select which displays you want to publish to the Viewpoint server. Once you choose the displays and download the Panelview application to the Panelview, you can connect to the viewpoint server running on the Panelview and you will be able to view a copy of the displays published.


VNC- The Panelview has a Vnc server built in as well. You have to enable the Vnc server on the panelview in the configuration menu. You can configure a view only password and a view/control password if you wish to give the ability to control the Panelview through the vnc connection. Once this is setup, you will need a VNC client on the device you are trying to use to connect to the Panelview remotely . There are numerous free vnc client apps for both Apple and Android devices. One of the recommended ones from Rockwell is by RealVnc called tight vnc. You can also get a Windows app if you are using a computer to connect remotely. Once you have the vnc client installed, you simply setup the vnc client to connect to the ip address of the panelview. You will then be prompted to login with either the view only or view/control password you setup on the panelview.  One this to note about Vnc is that it acts just like you are using the actual Panelview, so as you navigate to different screens, the local Panelview will change screens as well. The connection is as if you were in front of the Panelview.


Hope that helps. If you have any other questions let me know. I have setup vnc a bunch of times and have just configured one this week on my desk.