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Hi Ramon,

Welcome to the forums! Glad you’re enjoying the videos. I’m assuming you have everything currently on the default VLAN 1 and you’re trying to separate the PLC and AENT on to it’s own VLAN that is separate from the Switches/PC VLAN? This is what I’m reading anyhow. If this is what you are trying to do you will need to make the router configurations as well to do the inter-VLAN routing for you – as soon as you start segregating your network like this you need a router so it can’t wait until after you setup the VLANs.

What you may want to do is eliminate one of the IE2000 (the one in the middle) to simplify things and then get your configurations in the other switches successfully. If this is on a test bench this will be easy to do. By eliminating the one switch your configuration will look very similar to the video I did here with some minor variations, however, the configurations should be pretty similar. I would suggest studying the video I did here and double check your VLANs are set correctly in your 8000 and IE2000 and that the gateways are configured.

Good luck! And be sure to let us know your progress.