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RedmercuryRamon Alonso
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Finally got it to work! What I was missing was the Gateway Address on all devices. The PLC has an IP of and a Gateway of The RIO has an IP of and a Gateway of The PC has an IP of and a Gateway of The VLANs, 10 and 11, in VLAN Management must point to their Gateway addresses. I enabled Routing and was able to ping the PLC and RIO. Now I need to create a new communication path. I opened RSLinx, in Communications I open Configure Drivers, from the drop down list I pick Ethernet Devices and press Add New. A window opens up with only on tab, Station Mapping, in there I add the IP addresses of the PLC, RIO and the 5700, then press Apply and OK. Now I have a driver that can point me to my CPU in Logix Designer. I can now go Online.

Now I get why I was seeing all those addresses that ended with .1 in network diagrams.