Reply To: When to use Unmanaged Vs Managed Switches

SureshotDavid Garcia
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I actually do, I am interested in understanding how to approach the factory automation process.
In doing my research your site is absolutely doing just that, Building a Modern clean easy to navigate place to learn and share.

I have found so many outdated difficult to use repositories of automation information, usually, they are full of threads that would be useful but?… There was nobody there to moderate and help make the conversation beneficial, they are usually all over the place.

You know what i would love to see but have not found, so I am working on creating?
an application recommendation diagram that shows you in a very easy to understand way, what type of PLC and what type of Network switch to use and why?

With Graphics, and model names and Technology Terminology like IGMP Querier/Snooping, in Multicast traffic situations.

I am looking into the different type of Rockwell PLC’s for instance, and I can’t find anything that says use this one for this type of application. or even Real Life uses of Factory Talk to monitor not just the switch status, but also how sensors are being utilized more and more to make troubleshooting easier for plant floor operators.

Because they can use additional Sensors to give Abnormal/Normal/Fault status alerts and also walk them through on what steps to take in either case.

anyway, keep it up my brother, you’re doing the Lords Work!