Reply To: When to use Unmanaged Vs Managed Switches

SureshotDavid Garcia
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Yes, exactly!
I mean honestly, I know that there is no one size fits all model but having the Lowdown on whats what?
would make it so easy to figure out by using your Application requirements, because they would be used as a reference for selecting the model etc…

at the very least if I can help someone understand the Managed Vs. Unmanaged, how I/O helps with simplifying troubleshooting and therefore makes it easier to train any less experienced operators. Therefore helping alleviate the stress of hiring from a less than an ideal pool of candidates.

That’s what makes automation such an interesting topic, all the unforeseen benefits that most people don’t always consider.

I’ll definitely take you up on the offer, your advice thus far has been more valuable than you can even imagine.