Reply To: Temp Setpoint Adjustment sequencing in RS5000


Hi George and welcome to PLCGurus.NET!

I’ve implemented the RMPS instruction in a similar type scenario. My scenario was to ramp and soak forge dies to a certain temperature in varying increments, or a predefined number of “segments”. Once the dies were within setpoint and the Ramp/Soak is complete (a bumpless transfer if you will) I let the PIDE maintain setpoint from there.

I used the output of the RMPS to feed into the CVOper parameter of the PIDE running in “open-loop” control mode. The RMPS would output a percentage of maximum for the electric heater coil (i.e. 50% = 12 mA) and all scaling is performed in the PIDE.

Once the Ramp/Soak segments are complete and my temperature is within a reasonable error that will allow my PIDE closed loop to recover, I simply switch the PIDE into closed-loop (auto) mode.

This worked well for me, however, what you’re describing sound a little more complicated with the heating/cooling function.

Hope this helps!