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PM’d you on linkedin with link to drawings. I dont really want to post them… Im not sure how the company (mine) or the customer would like that?

Ok so yes..Kind of.

The IP schema works like this. Internal “control” network = 192.168.1.xx where xx = the same device on every pad. = MCC Site Control PLC, = Red Lion DSPX (for measurement), .11 MCC PLC, .5 Flow Computer…. ect. What ever equipment is on the site Gas Lift Compressor PLC # 1 = .241, HMI .240 any pad in this area are all built the same like this.

Then we have a separate network that is Public IP’s and is not controls just SCADA. there are only a couple of devices on each pad with direct access to the SCADA side. There are more than 500 sites over 5 counties. Each county has a gateway and all of the radios in that area direct the traffic there, then back into the wired office network.

All of them are 172. addresses. then .20, 24,26 the second octet is the county.

County 1 all addresses are 172.20.xx.xx. County 2 is 172.24.xx.xx

the third octet is the specific “pad” identifier.So  hes a 172.24.60.xx says county 2 pad 60.

then the final octet is the device. so the MCC PLC has a 2nd EBNT that is The red lion DSPX has a 2nd ethernet card that is a second red Lion DSPX is that port forwards to the flowcomputer.

Ok Following that? internal network. 192. External 172. The external network goes from the MCC to a panel with a stratix 8K and then a radio on the pole.

All of the external devices. All of them. EVERY ONE of them, its does not work unless, you give them a gateway of or or 176.0.1 with a netmask of However the NAT IP has no gateway.