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CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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Fred, All,

I just wanted to follow up with you all on this problem and explain how we solved it,

I spent a whole day with my machine connected locally, and engineers from Allen Bradley, Hirschman, and 3 of them from ABB on a skype meeting with my machine connected and all of them scratching their heads.

What we found was that the radio (ABB Tropos) and the particular firmware that ABB has us running, will not route traffic to addresses without a MAC address.

Since a NAT IP is basically just a listener the radio would ARP the NAT address but wouldnt allow routing to it. So from addresses within the same  subnet, IE, My computer connected to the radio with a 172 address in the same subnet as the radio, could reach the NAT IP, however any traffic coming from anywhere else on the radio side connected past the L3 gateway, were unable to route to that address.

The solution here, was to simply put a made up MAC into the static routes in the radio configuration.

Thanks for anyone who even read this… and Fred I appreciate your time trying to sort through my huge blast of information


Cheers – Scooter