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CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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it sounds like you have your access control under wraps, however I did start a reply to this thread and never finished it, so I wanted to throw some thoughts in the mix.

1) I make it a habit to do all of the access controls and password comparisons on the PLC. This way if you ever have to change the OIT to a different vendor or anything, its all tag based and the passwords and controls are just as easily accessed and used. and it makes forgotten / changed passwords easier to deal with.

2) Use a visibility animation to make buttons for Setpoints or PID faceplates, or trending changes only available to users AFTER they have logged in, and multiple accounts can access the same buttons based on OR operators in the visibility expression.

3) this also allows me to log when setpoints were changed and by what account level. This wont pinpoint who made the change, but I can easily enough trace back to which Super was on at X date and X time, or which PLC tech was assigned a work order on X date to X site and have a “reasonable” accountability of who changed what. Its not perfect. but it mostly works

If you would like some examples of how to accomplish this with Logix 500 or Studio 5K I can send some examples as well as some examples of the FT studio expressions for visibility.

I hope this gives you some thoughts about working with security and animations in the future!!

– Scooter