Reply To: What do you use to monitor an AB environment?

CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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Hi Jim,

Alerts and alarms can be set up to trigger from literally anything. Those alarms from the PLC side can trigger alarm bits or status words to pass that data over to the SCADA side, and in virtually all cases the same can be done from the SCADA. What are you using for a SCADA? RS View?

If you have the data at the SCADA already its very simple to set up an alarm trigger HI, HIHI, LO, LOLO all from the SCADA. I know with many web based SCADA systems like Ignition, alarms and notifiers can even be set up PER LOGIN, so that the watercooler filler guy or the coffee maker dude, can get a notification that the coffee is getting old, or getting cold, or the water bubbler needs a refill or whatever without the Coffee guy seeing the water guys alerts and vice versa

Can you give some more specific info about what it is that you would want to do?