Reply To: What advice would you offer new (young) controls engineers?

CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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Thanks for the backup Mr George, You’ve got a few years experience on me.. Not calling you old… But I can tell you are a salty hand, simply meaning that you’ve got the, as we said in the Navy “time on the pond”, seen most of it, fixed it when it broke, and tried to make it better when you can. It means alot to me that I can make good points for the next generation when I barely feel like Ive got the experience to step into the shoes that I am still learning from.

On a strayed off side note.. if you’ve been around Detroit for while, I am sure that we have worked on some on the same equipment, the same lines, or at least in the same plants. a few years back, before the oil and gas industry sucked me in, I worked for a machine tool OEM. German company that makes Punches and Press Brakes, and CNC’s and sheetmetal cutters and lasers. That was where I got my start in automation. Worked on Marker Lasers for a while and they realized I had a real knack for programming and helping the plant guys integrate the lasers. Like on the ConRod line at Detroit Diesel. I worked that stupid line for hours and hours when they first put in the laser.

anyway, I certainly appreciate guys like you, and like Mr Fred that are available to throw out solutions to obscure issues. Ive got one that I might be writing up a post on. SCADAPack controller… Yeah. fun.

You have a great week yourself sir.


– Scooter