Reply To: What advice would you offer new (young) controls engineers?

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Sean (Scooter)

Aaahhh, no problem, man. At the risk of “dating” myself, I was a journeyman Detroit Diesel mechanic back in the heyday of the 2-strokes. Lots of Marine and power generation applications in the Northwest and Alaska.

Like you said, fix it when it’s broke. They won’t keep you very long in Alaska if you can’t do that quickly. Send you right home on the next flight.

That oilfield stuff is a rough road to follow. I roughnecked even before I was a diesel mechanic. Made derrick man.

Hey, have a good week. You seem way ahead of me as far as HMI’s–I need to get up to 100% proficiency on those so you’ll be hearing from me for your advice. Take care.