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Yes, I’ve not hidden the fact that I’m not a Mac guy…I would say I’m almost anti-mac for some reason??? Probably because I’ve not spent the time (or money $$$) to use one. As you’re aware I did an article looking at some of the different laptops on the market right now, specifically for use in the rugged environments we like to put ourselves in (again not sure why…oh I know…because WE LOVE IT!). For those who haven’t checked out the article you can find it here: Best Laptops For PLC Programming.

Kudos to you for being an out-spoken Mac guy in a predominantly PC-based environment 😉 I assume that you’re running a Windows OS in your VM on the Macbook anyhow so when you peel away layers you’re still kinda sorta a Windows guy…but I’m thinking maybe only because you’re being forced to be one by the likes of the Rockwell’s and Siemen’s of the world!

Yes, for me bigger is better…I don’t know maybe it’s as the years peel off but looking at a 13.5 inch screen for an extended period of time for me would be exhausting. Give me the bohemiths I can strap to my back with the big chargers, additional battery packs always in reach hrrhrrhrr and I’m fit as a fiddle!