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Hi Jim,

I had not heard of win-911 however after taking a look it does seem like a pretty robust piece of software. However, Before making ANY purchase especially for the purpose of alarming and notifications, I would take a pretty hard look at the much broader picture.

I am not familiar with your plant or site or office or industry or business, However in virtually every case that I have seen, and I readily profess that “every case” in that statement not a very large number, but in most cases, the business interest itself, the production goals and the operational ability of most projects are better served with a SCADA system.

You need the ability to set up alarms and notifications, thats what YOU need. What about production? what do they need, how could they be served by the wider availability of all of the operational data? what about engineering? what do they need to better analyze real time data vs historical? what about logistics? what do they need and how could a material progress through production help them to better coordinate their output?

To set up an alarm system that interoperates between your production machines, inherently means that the data is available. Not just to alarm or alert. Not just to track and chart for history and maintenance.

Again Jim, I have no idea what your business actually does, how many machines, controllers, valves, or motors you are running / operating / functioning at any time. But for the price tag on win-911, I really believe there are MANY companies that can offer you a more comprehensive flexible and functional solution.

OK… thats my please consider SCADA pitch, If all you want is alarming there are a number of options but I would, go with something that can be built upon or would easily integrate with a SCADA or machine learning in the event that the desire for supervisory control occurs someday.

Check out Kepware Specifically, the Kepware OPC Alarm and Event plugin. Kepware is a very user friendly highly extensible OPC server (think of OPC as automation device centric data concentration software) that works very well with virtually ANY SCADA. The Alarm and Event Plugin allows alarms and events to be created on OPC tags, and multiple A&E clients to connect to the server.

Ok so now you have an OPC and you can make anything alarm, there are dozens of OPC alarm clients out there that can provide all of the operability you could possibly need.

Or you could build your own notifiers and clients Kepware comes with some very robust Visual Studio integration. Their C# examples are super well documented and show your exactly how to build your programs and notifiers.

As far as for delivery Twilo would work nicely for SMS actually I think there is a Twilo Plugin directly from Kepware, and there is an email notifier that also runs right in the A&E QC

That would be my limited and likely short sighted opinion.


– Scooter