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CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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I am a windows user.. nothing wrong with that. While I do love MacOS and the newest version Mojave is just slick as… teflon.. dark mode is amazing. Windows is the workhorse of the business world. Of course high level language programming and web extensibility of applications is certainly blurring the lines more and more.

I was a Mac hater. I come from a Unix coding background and my first job as a civilian, after the military was scripting, testing, automating and maintaining a system that was all linux with some HP unix. I actually used Linux Mint debian edition for almost 18 months on a company dell laptop as my everyday environment.

I was and still am a huge proponent of FOSS, and community development. However…… here it comes….

Macintosh Apple has created a culture of refined user experience. UE is baked into everything they make. Yes its more expensive. But it works. Better, smoother, faster, and with less issues than you think. I would have sworn to you 2 years ago that I didnt really have issues with my laptop and that everything worked pretty well. Until I worked next to a guy with a Mac. Then I started realizing how many little issues I would have all day long, and I was just used to dealing with.

I dont have a Mac because im not a windows person. I have a Mac because I AM a windows person. Their hardware just runs it better than anyone else.

– Scooter