Reply To: Warning: Duplicate Destructive Bit Reference Detected

Soolocks5779George Barnette
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Jim, hi.

My boss and I have gone around and around with using OTL’s and OTU’s. He doesn’t like them and I don’t use them much any more. For one thing, they bring up those destructive bit references as you see, because it’s basically the same tag name (Or instruction). Logic thinks it’s a duplicate OTE, although it’s not.

There weree a few in the reference for my air handler routines and I basically got away from them. I just use a holding circuit now for all OTE’s if I need one. .TT bits work real well for that also. I have experienced problems just like you’re having–very simple few lines of logic and then something doesn’t work. What I did in the past was thoroughly cross reference everything to see if something was holding me out that didn’t before. In your case maybe some of those HMI tags may not be exactly correct or a problem with a timer not resetting. Just a few suggestions that have helped me. Hope this is of some value to you also. Good luck and quit wearing out those young guys ha.