Reply To: Warning: Duplicate Destructive Bit Reference Detected

CmooreCraig Moore
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Hi Jim,

The issue isn’t you use of OTL or OTU   the issue appears to be that you have the OTE “Doubler Pump P303 control input P303.pgmCntrl” in both rungs 17 and 18.

This problem arises when you use the same bit in 2 locations.  What happens is when one rung is scanned the logic is true, but in the other rung the logic is false.   Thus the last rung scanned status is which one the output ends up.   Or it flashes REALLY REALLY fast   LOL

the fix is to us differant bits in both locations then us them in parallel in a separate rung to turn on the output needed.

I have attached a screenshot below of an example.

Hope this helps and makes sense.


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