Reply To: Studio 5000: A higher upgrade is already installed.

CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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I faced this myself. And this is not the first time, I have had issues with several different versions of Studio doing this on different components. I fought an issue ALL night not long ago that was caused by a C++ redist version. And the kicker was that the version I had on my VM, it WAS THE SAME VERSION the installer was going to install.  You know the real issue here is actually not the versioning of Linx or anything else? Its that a Multi-billion dollar American innovation company can’t figure out how to handle dependency and installation package exceptions and just continue with the installation.

But Factory Talk is the reason that I have bee running on virtual machines even before I switched to macOS. I have had too many issues with factory talk suddenly being broken by an update or because I switched my internet connection, or because I spoke a bit too harshly in front of it and its feelings were hurt. I have different VMs with different FT and Rockwell versions on them. If I can’t tell what FW rev some site is… I just use a spreadsheet with a DDC OPC link to poll the system tags.