Reply To: Will Factory talk me work with studio 5000 mini v30 ?

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is there some reason that you want to do HMI dev in factory talk? I am just curious because I don’t find it to be that great of a platform. The fact that Rockwell is still selling machines that run WinCE as a backend should actually be somewhat troubling to network people CE was end of life this year.

Its not bad to develop in, its just not buckets of fun.

My suggestion if you want to do HMI 1) red lion crimson 3.0 and 3.1, supports C style programming language, ladder, FBD all in the HMI with an integrated web server to build web him pages and even an emulator that will communicate over ETH or Serial from your PC


Inductive Automation Ignition…. It is a super set of the tools and software you would want to have to build any MySql graphic system.

Download full software for free and run for 2 hours at a time. forever.


Download Visual studio and start learning C# and .Net. you can start with (FREE) Advanced HMI. and when you are thoroughly frustrated… just start learning code C# is not that hard. This is the future. Learning Factory Talk won’t get you very far in 5 years… Knowing how to do drawing and painting with C#….. that will.


Also… Check out VT Scada and Factory Studio BOTH FREE to develop and run for short periods


The day of big software closed sources and proprietary protocols is very quickly coming to a close.