Reply To: Stratix 5700 and Juniper Switch VLAN

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Yeah, I’m slowly figuring that out.  I applied NAT and got it working.  I changed stratix-computer1’s IP address to and translated it to and was able to ping it from my computer.  Realized that applying NAT prevents devices on the same VLAN from communicating.  Stratix-computer2 could no longer be pinged at  Changed it to and added that translation to the instance.  Then I was able to ping it again.

I’m not sure that we’ll ever implement NAT, but if we do what happens if multiple Stratixes are setup using NAT with the same VLAN?  So Stratix1 and Stratix2 are connected to the Juniper via trunk ports.  Both use VLAN 12 and NAT is setup with the below devices:

Switch          Device          IP address          Public IP
Stratix1       Controller1
Stratix2       Controller2

Would that work?