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WhiskyjimJim Manley
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Shane –

I’m running pretty much the exact same set up as you are (Windows 10 Version 1803, Studio 5000 Vers 28 and 30) with the exceptions that I’m running FT Services Platform 3.00.00 (CPR 9 SR 10) and my laptop is up to date (11/13/18)  on all applicable MS security/other patches.  I don’t, however, have WebRoot installed on my machine.  Nor would I allow it to be installed.

When I took over the task of managing the IT at my current job, all the machines had WebRoot installed on them by the service provider.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  The service provider wasn’t a lot of help when it came to fixing broken software (one of the reasons I was hired).  The solution was to rip the software out by its roots (pun intended) which turned out to be no easy feat.  It’s as bad as any virus I’ve ever had to deal with.  In one case, I had to reformat a system’s hard drive to get rid of it since the removal process provided by the vendor didn’t work.

I understand your approach to white listing, etc., but I suggest you turn it around.  Remove the WebRoot software and see if that fixes the problem.  If so, then get the client to work with the WebRoot administrator to sort out what needs white listing, etc.

Just my 2¢