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StixoffireKen S
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As mentioned in other posts:
1: Panel View Firmware comes in and that is what the HMI PanelView has on it UNLESS you update the Panel with the firmware you want it to have.
2: If the Firmware on the panel needs to go to a different version Create the Runtime in that version.
So In FTView ME Create Runtime Dialog – who cares if it was developed in 10, just create the Runtime as an 8.x .

I will state this – I do not like version 8.0, 8.1 or version 8.2 [there is a reason for all of those steps .. design features 🙂 ]

However your issue is a Control of Authority process.
1 Who is allowed to install on the HMI panels.
2 Point of contact should be one point of responsibility .. group. No matter who the other vendors all – they must go through the One Authority. That Authority is to maintain files and versions – and also post on Panels.

Anytime you have multiple vendors with their fingers in the pot – this gets to be an issue – your customer will need to make the ruling .. and assign the contact / control coordination and process .. help them if they will allow it – bring up your issue, concern and how this is $Affecting them. If the nuisance does not get them – the $$$ / downtime usually do.