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Depends on  how they want to log in and view .. and what applications they currently have installed as to how to accomplish that. Application System Platform has capabilities to allow you to do this.

You did not mention what kind of Infrastructure systems your client already has – HMI software already installed , local hardware or access to the remote PLC’s –
You could centralize access in one point to various remote PLC’s / Hardware and produce the data to one centralized web service .. Depending on what already exists and how you desire to produce the data.

Direct access to those energy meters I am guessing might be one route, access via an already connected HMI system, a PLC System in the field ..  and centralizing the collection.

I know this seems a bit of a ramble ..  but how many people / systems will connect to the meter at one time – is a load & network traffic consideration.

So 1 device/service doing the collecting providing to a webservice where many people are connected is a better approach to the problem as it limits the Meters to be meters (with one network bandwidth / service requester) and then that service provide the information to a webservice – and the webserver could handle thousands of users if need be with login requirements etc..