Reply To: Panelview Legacy HMIs dropping connections

StixoffireKen S
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1: you replaced the switch with a NON-Managed switch and all seems good.
2: Now this means you have a bad setting in the managed switch.

Now is that managed switch allowing duplicate IP’S on the network ?
How is routing on that Switch setup  ?
Sometimes your routing will cause this as it will pass through to another network and you could end up duplicating IP’s that way as well.
Are your ports setup to power save after idle period ?
How are those ports configured  – it would seem that for me I would look at one port thoroughly, make changes to that port and see what effects I get on the device connected to that port .. I might even separate the switch from the rest of the LAN to see what happens between a couple HMI’s to isolate out – a port configuration setting versus a LAN setting .