Reply To: Help required in understanding an indirect addressing method

StixoffireKen S
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The problem you have is really indirect access of the property which to my understanding you cannot do.

So basically you seem to want to iteratively assign an actual Tag to an Indexed Variable.
If I was writing code in .NET I would need to form the object name and then get a reference to the actual object.
You are building a name with a string , but your assignment needs a literal .. Reason being is you have the difference between a run time and a design time compile operation as your code executes on an indexed variable it is a run time (the index is not known until the code runs) , if it is literal it is design time and the way that compiles to the processor is different.
I am not aware of any way that this works in structured text or in ladder , I know you can pass an object by reference for example in a GSV command  but it is limited to certain parameters of status  and not the actual tag data such as what you are trying to acquire.

You could try to Alias but again this is not code , perhaps if you write an external application to create your tags for you and then you can import them .. Not sure if that is something viable for you – just a suggestion.