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CajunconfiguratorSean Terrell
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Couple of ways to attack this one. First is get the IP. Plug into a router where its passing ip traffic, Just run a capture and filter for ARP… then pull the eth cable off the OIT. It’ll take about 15 seconds for the ARPs to give up the address.

secondly you could just make a batch file and call it autostart.bat put in on a USB. Has to be in the Root Dir. When you stick it in the OIT the win CE will start running the batch. You COULD actually have the script transfer the .apa folder to the USB device, but i can’t ever remember the directory structure of that rediculous win CE crap so I usually just have it throw a sysmon, or crash sys32.dll and it kicks open the windows desktop.

there is also a keyboard combo you can use on startup of the PVP that will force load windows desktop. I’m pretty sure there is a KB article about that if you need me to I’ll print it to PDF and post. Assuming you have a usb keyboard in your toolkit. You have one right?