Reply To: Ingear .netlogix Driver with Beckhoff PLC's


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the kinds words and welcome to the site and forums! I’m not sure the Ingear NET.Logix drivers are going to be able to do this for you to a Beckhoff controller. As far as I know this driver package is designed specifically for the AB Logix platform of controllers. Here is a link to the controllers supported by NET.Logix drivers:

If you’re thinking of using a MicroLogix controller to function as a “middle man” be aware that NET.Logix drivers do not support this platform of controller either (it does support Micro82o, 850 etc.). For this you will need to purchase the NET.ABLink driver package.

If you need to communicate to various vendors of controllers then OPC may be the way to go for you. Also, you could take a look at what Ignition has to offer as well here:

Hope that helps!