Reply To: C# lecture


Hi Chihu and welcome to the forums.

Yes you are correct that I am using WinForms in the YouTube video series: C# HMI – Using Ingear and Visual Studio. I’m essentially creating the components in C# and then using Ingear.NET drivers to provide the underlying connectivity from C# to the controller. I’m not sure Rockwell makes available the actual code behind to generate their Faceplates and AOIs. The whole idea behind Faceplates and AOIs is to avoid the coding portion and provide drag and drop type functionality in FTV and Studio.

To be honest I’ve not looked at whether Rockwell provides their code or not but I doubt it. If you’re interested in how I wrote the event handlers and setup the C# code for the sample application in the video series it is available for download here on the site: Of course what is provide is for demonstration and learning purposes only.