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Hi David and welcome to the forum!

I’m assuming you have an ADC enabled drive such as a PowerFlex 750 or 525. ADC involves Logix controller ownership of a drive’s configuration settings. Each time the controller establishes an I/O connection with an ADC-enabled drive, it will check configuration signatures in the drive to see if it matches what’s in the controller. If the signatures match, no ADC download is needed and it is not performed. If the signatures do not match, ADC is performed.

It is important to note that the configuration signature in the drive will be cleared if a write occurs to parameter NVS memory. This can occur when using the HIM or another software tool to change a parameter value, a MSG instruction in the Logix program writing to parameter NVS memory, etc.

To your question, I am not aware of any prerequisite to need a Stratix switch as the device configuration is controller owned. There is a technote on the Rockwell site here that speaks to it.