Can I run FT View SE local station project on PanelView?

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      I’ll start out by qualifying this with “I inherited this system.” Enough said about that.

      I’m working on a project to integrate notifications into the distillery’s production system. My plan is to upgrade from FT View ME to FT View SE so I can take advantage of the FT Alarm & Events server integration with Win-911.

      My current HMI set up is a follows: I have two (2) PanelView Plus 7 Performance displays and a Windows 7 computer attached to a Pepperl&Fuchs DM5xx series flat panel monitor (touch screen). The Windows 7 computer runs the FT View ME client software that allows me to set up and run the ME runtime file. My current process for HMI updates is to update the HMI project, create the runtime files then push them to the PanelViews and Win7 computer.

      At this point, all the alarms appear to be HMI Alarms. To get the alarms into a FT Alarms & Events server, I think I have to convert my ME HMI project to an SE HMI project then export the HMI alarms out of the SE project into the FTAE server.

      With all that said, the question I have is if I have to convert my ME based HMI project to an SE project, can I run the SE project on my PanelView monitors? (By SE project I mean a local station project.)

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        Probably not.  While you can get to a Windows desktop on the PVPlus 7 Performance,  I doubt that the SE software would install/work properly on the PVPlus 7 Performance as the OS is Windows CE 6.  Additionally, the SE installation manual does not show any compatibility with Windows CE.

        But, according to Rockwell’s documentation on the PVPlus 7, Windows CE has Tight VNC and Remote Desktop built in, you might be able to go the other way and Remote into another computer that has RSView SE installed on it and control that computer from the PV??  But, you would need another computer and more connections to your network, etc.


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          you can change on PC

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