Connect Switch Stratix to a network

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      hello everyone,
      I saw the video on the PLCGurus.Net youtube channel (Stratix 5700 NAT With Layer 3 Routing),
      I learned a lot of things, I want to thank you for the efforts you make for us, thank you very much we appreciate all that.
      I did the same thing as the video, I used two startix one as router 1783-BMS10CA and the second as NAT 783-BMS20CGN,
      everything works as we want, but now we want to connect the switch to the company network so that we can connect wirelessly
      to do this, the company’s IT department gave us the IP address:
      my questions are the following:
      – which switch should be connected to the company network? router or NAT?
      – ip will be assigned to the Router 1783-BMS10CA switch? This switch does not have a GE – Gigabit Ethernet port.
      – on which port will we assign this IP address
      – do we have to use Vlan Native?

      Thank you for your answers.

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