Connection ABB IRC5 to Rockwell CompactLogix PLC

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    W_SchaeferWayne Schaefer
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    Short Presentation on how to connect an ABB IRC5 Robot Controller to a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC via Ethernet. I found the documentation from both ABB and Rockwell somewhat lacking and maybe even a bit confusing considering the simplicity of the connection. There are still a few unanswered questions regarding the fact that ABB uses one word for each I/O point whereas Rockwell uses bits from the only the first 8 words sent.  Just FYI for the group.


    – Wayne

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    WrbestWilliam Best
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    I’ve removed two ABB robots that were communicating to an AB CompactLogix via ethernet using the IRC5 slave only fieldbus adapter that we installed a year and a half ago.   Those didn’t have enough payload and we exchanged with larger units but these have Ethernet master/slave.  The ethernet m/s operates through a DSQC612 card.  I’ve gone through every manual I can get my hands on and talked with Tech Support.  We loaded the EDS in the AB PLC and matched our sizes to 64in x 64out.   No errors on the robot at all.  The PLC shows the yellow triangle on these modules that is not communicating.  We are at a loss / standstill.  Any insight you may have would be appreciated.  ABB2400 running RobotWare 5.15.

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    What is the password?

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