ControlLogix Time Synchronization

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      I have a ControlLogix 1756, several Stratix 5700 switches, AB VFDs, a couple of PanelView 7000+ HMIs, and AB E300 electronic overload relays, all interconnect via Ethernet/IP.    The network has access to a MS Active Directory server.

      I’ve looked at several resources but none of them seem to be as easy as turning an NTP client and pointing it at a master time source.   What’s worse, the process seems to vary based on the device I’m trying to synce.

      What are my options for setting up network time synchronization between all these devices (using the AD as the NTP master)?


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        I use an AOI to sync with a NTP time server from  The AOI is called AOI_SNTP_QUERY, and I have it called every day at 2 am, and this keeps thy PLC time in sync.  It will also re-query every x minutes if it does not succeed.  I am using an L82E processor.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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