Ingear .netlogix Driver with Beckhoff PLC's

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      I enjoyed the In-gear .netlogix driver videos on you tube which has brought me to this site.

      I have an already existing application using the .netlogix driver.  What is the possibility of using the application with other PLC’s using Ethernet IP.

      Namely with a Beckoff PLC using Ethernet IP Scanning

      The current SCADA application reads and writes to certain tags on a specific IP address using the .netlogix driver and a contrologix PLC.

      Typically I would use an OPC as the interface, however the SCADA is being re-used and integrated with a Beckhoff PLC platform rather than starting from scratch.

      Does anyone know if communications to the SCADA application be achieved using a standard Ethernet IP connection?   The Beckhoff library is able to produce and consume tags to other logix PLCs but I’m uncertain from PLC to PC communications using a non AB PLC.  The alternative is to possibly use a micrologix to just exchange data to the SCADA application, however there are cost and space constraints.

      Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks for accepting me into the community 🙂



        Hi Robert,

        Thank you for the kinds words and welcome to the site and forums! I’m not sure the Ingear NET.Logix drivers are going to be able to do this for you to a Beckhoff controller. As far as I know this driver package is designed specifically for the AB Logix platform of controllers. Here is a link to the controllers supported by NET.Logix drivers:

        If you’re thinking of using a MicroLogix controller to function as a “middle man” be aware that NET.Logix drivers do not support this platform of controller either (it does support Micro82o, 850 etc.). For this you will need to purchase the NET.ABLink driver package.

        If you need to communicate to various vendors of controllers then OPC may be the way to go for you. Also, you could take a look at what Ignition has to offer as well here:

        Hope that helps!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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