Inter-Lan Routing with Stratix 5700

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      I followed your instructions for setting up routing on a 5700 Stratix. I cannot get RSLinx to see the controller connected to the router (it has a red X 0n the connection). I can ping the controller but I can also ping the controller with the cable disconnected from the controller. This pinning without the controller connected is not correct but I can’t determine why this is happening. Is the router somehow sending the ping back and not the controller?

      The router IP address is and the controller is The is set to VLAN169 and is mapped to port one on the router. I am using port 16 on the router for the development computer.

      Let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

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        From your description, it sounds like you’ve assigned the IP address to the 169 VLAN interface on the stratix.  If this is the case then you’ll be able to ping when the controller is unplugged because that IP address is assigned within the Stratix.

        You only need one IP address assigned to the stratix ( unless you’re wanting to use the Stratix as a router (L3 switch).  If you do want the Stratix to route, then you need to set the IP address on the controller to something besides because that IP address is being used as the gateway address for the network (assuming that your subnet mask is


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          I am having a similar issue. I followed the steps from the YouTube video, but when I go to enable routing under the Configure tab, and I type for my gateway, I get an error message that reads “Error in Gateway IP.” So in order for me to make this work, I had to change the Gateway address to My question is, why can’t I use as my gateway, as shown in the youtube video?


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