Lucas mill upgrade to allen bradley


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      Yes fred I have a Lucas horizonial mill that was upgraded to allen bradley controls back in 1998

      with a panle/view 550 control. The allen bradley part that stores all the information lost its battery

      and we lost all the information.  It has rockwell software verson 2.1 RSLOGIX 500 on the book which

      we have in print form. how do we get this back inthe machine. What should I do.  Thanks Jerry.


        Hi there. Sorry to hear that you lost the program. I’m assuming there is also no backup for this anywhere that can be found. You have a printout so at least you have a starting point. It goes without saying at this point that having a recent backup of all your controllers is hugely important for exactly these types of situations. I’m assuming getting in touch with the company who performed the upgrade is not an option, and I’m sure you checked the control cabinet up and down for that 3.5 inch floppy that typically would accompany the PLC back in those days with a program backup. Short of all these options you may have no choice but to redo the program. If your printout is good this may not be too bad depending on the complexity of the machine and how many lines of logic there are. I’ve been contracted in the past to do exactly these types of tasks in emergency situations. Keep us posted on what’s happening.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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