Powerflex 755 ethernet control using Compact Logix

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    Rfrey80Rob Frey
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    We are starting to migrate away from using powerflex 700 drives and start using the 755’s and are wanting to take advantage of the embedded ethernet.  My question is, After I add the drive into the controllers I/O tree and I get the drives Input and output tags do I use the drive:O logic command tags to give it the start command or to turn on accel2/decel2?  I was assuming that’s how that worked, but when I try to run the drive I go from not enabled to stopped, or a constant stop asserted.  I have not done anything with the datalinks as far as adding inputs and outputs. is there something I need to add there? or something I have not set up in the drive correctly?

    AdminFred Graham
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    Hi Rob and welcome to the forums. I believe its parameter 877 that needs to be set to Port 13 Reference. This tells the drive it’s getting its commands from the embedded Ethernet port. After that you should be able to make use of the I/O words in your logic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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