PowerFlex Drive Network Connections

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      I have a bunch of PowerFlex 525 VFDs with the 25-COMM-E2P boards installed in them.  The controls network is connected to the E2P ports in the drives. When I browse the I/O configuration list for the network in Logix 5000 Designer, all the VFDs are listed.  If I double click on a VFD, Logic 5000 will display the Module Properties page.   All the tabs on the module properties page will display except the “Drive” tab.  For some of the drives, I get an “Automatic Connection Failed” error messages.  For others, I get the Drive page that lets me access drive parameters, etc. (same functions that can be done in CCW).

      I have used CCW to download and compare all the parameters for a drive that gives me the connection error and one that doesn’t.  I have compared all the network related parameters and can’t find anything different between the drives.

      When I compared the “Port Configuration” tab in Logix 5000 I found that the drives that give me the connection fail error DO NOT have the IP Address/Subnet Mask/Gateway Address parameters set and the “Obtain IP settings automatically using DHCP” radio button is selected.  The drives that allow me to access the Drive functions have the IP address data properly configured and the “Manually configure IP settings” radio button selected.

      Is it correct that the IP configuration displayed in the Module Properties is a part of the .ACD file that is loaded into the controller?

      Update: I was checking all the drives to see which ones needed to be edited in the .ACD file when I found a drive that has the proper IP address but an incorrect subnet mask.  This drive also gives me a connection failure error.  I’m assuming the incorrect subnet mask is causing the problem.


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        I ran into a similar issue with PF523 drives with E2P cards, although the card was not the issue.  My addressing is set physically via rotary dips on the E2P.  Each of the drives is on a DLR Device Level Ring to an EN4TR.

        In Studio, I would open the drive from the I/O tree. The next choice popup would ask if I wanted to use the project or physical settings of the drive.  I would get an “unimplemented service” error and the drive would fault.

        I enabled ADC or Automation Device Configuration in the Device Definition of the drive.  I think CCW doesn’t have this problem because it’s connection is on the DSI port and is direct.  At least I’ve always used CCW that way.  I enabled all defaults in the ADC.  Once that is done, the PLC takes ownership of the drive. Connection and direct parameterization via Studio works without fault.  At least that’s my experience.

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