Stratix 5700 Inter-VLAN Unusual Question

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    Good Morning,

    First I wanted to thank you for the site and expertise that you provide here, it was tremendously helpful to setting up a Inter-VLAN network in our facility. I have been able to connects 54 separate VLANs to together and have them routed. My questions stems from my next hurdle, I am unable to have my computer connected to any other networks through any network adapters except for the VLAN routed network, otherwise I loose connection to all of the routed VLANs. The I tried adding the routed network to our current network and experienced the same issue.

    VLAN router is

    Current controls network is,

    If I set my gateway at the controls network with the 254 mask, I can see all of the local VLAN 1 devices, if I move the VLAN router to I can unable to see the routed VLANs whether I point my gateway at either device. I have tried several combinations of IP subnets and Gateways with no luck. Any advice to this situation would be appreciated.

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