Stratix switch issues


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    GttrdDarren Ruddy
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    Hi Guys

    I would appreciate any guidance anyone could give me on the following issue

    I recently had a Stratix 5700 switch installed to NAT the processors on the network in a way that satisfied security concerns.

    Took a while to get this setup and “working” all appeared good and the processors could be seen on the secure side of the network.

    2 ports on the Stratix were used to Nat 2 seperate networks

    Network 1 (192.168.151)has 3 processors which were translated. A cable from a port on an existing switch was used to connect that network to the Stratix switch.

    The second network (192.168.152) had one processor and was connected into the Stratix again from a port on an existing switch

    All was fine so far and we could see the NATTING working And i even had RSLINX setup to work

    The issue arose after a few hours when it was noticed all the panel views attached to both networks had gone into error. by error i mean they appeared to stop getting data from the processors and all buttons and banners would display “ERROR”

    They were reset a few times but would error out again after 10-15 minutes.

    Network 2 was disconnected first that stopped that section from erroring out but network one continued to error out until it was also removed from the Stratix, once disconnected normal business was resumed.


    If anyone could give guidance or ideas i would be great full

    Thanks All

    Datipton3David Tipton
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    Sounds like an IP conflict with the hmi since they clear up once the stratix is removed from the network. I would double  check my IP addresses set in my stratix. The Stratix 5700 can be used as a simple dumb switch or as a master of a ring. Also has dhcp capability so you can make your network plug and play.

    Are you using the 5700 with NAT capabilities or a regular 5700 with a separate NAT device?


    GttrdDarren Ruddy
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    Im using the Stratix with NAT capabilities.

    I suspected an IP conflict but don’t see where it is

    I have attached a bit of info about the network tat i have in excel





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    WhiskyjimJim Manley
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    From your spreadsheet it looks like you have addresses from both the .151 and .153 network Many-to-One NAT’d to the address.  I can’t really tell where your  controllers are relative to the HMIs.  Are the HMIs trying to communicate across the stratix to controllers on the other network?

    StixoffireKen S
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    Is multicast traffic option enabled ?  Just curious – when it is having issues getting the data across the Ethernet/IP driver it sounds like NAT has an issue with the kind of Traffic as it appears the connection itself is fine.

    I would be looking into what kind of traffic gets routed via NAT and what gets blocked. Also I am wondering if you have a lease time on those networks  / for example a 2 hour lease since you say the units worked at first..

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