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      Hi I have a project that needs converting from structured text to ladder logic as the customers engineers are not trained in this. Does anyone know of an online service that can do this remotely? Recommendations are very welcome. Thanks in advance

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        Any company that does plc programming could do this quite easily remotely with a Team Viewer type of connection by going online.
        Alternatively you could send them the code and they could change to ladder logic , send back to you, and you download into plc.
        I appreciate structured text seems a bit harder to understand than ladder but sometimes it is done for a reason – I have had instances where I have used Structured Text rather than ladder as much faster to write with less code for the same thing and also executed faster in the plc.
        As a side note what brand is the plc in question?

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          I have not heard of any direct conversion tools that converts structured text to ladder logic. I would say it needs to be converted manually by understanding the structure code to be able to write the ladder code.

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