Studio 5000: Versioning and Licensing

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      Hi guys I am new here and just want to let the Keymaster know that I have been following and learning alot from him and this community for the past few years. Really appreciate the information that is shared. So, here’s my newbie question. I recently installed a new Studio 5000 pro subscription to a PC that I already had a license on that is the standard version while I was setting up another PC to move the standard license to when I was ready. The standard version is V32 and the pro V33. Now that I have been using the pro version, I can’t access the programs that have been updated to V33. My standard version is not subscription or support version we just bought it outright with no support.  Is it possible to upgrade it to V33 without rebuying the software?


        Hi there, first welcome to PLCGurus.NET and the forums. Technically, you are only licensed for the version you purchase and any older versions, at least that is my understanding. If you install v33 on your computer your license will work, however, like I said, “technically” you are not licensed to run that version without purchasing it or an ongoing support agreement. Hope that helps!



          Just an FYI. I’ve moved this to a separate thread!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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