Talk between AB and PC based application

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      What solutions are there for creating a connection between an AB PLC and a PC Based application?

      We have a server-type unit (Windows CE) with an application where we need to pass a request to the PLC (Example: Hey PLC we have a request to close the gate), and the PLC to talk back (Example: Ok, PC I confirm the gate is closed).


        Have you checked out my YouTube Videos where I write a custom application using C# in Visual Studio? I make use of Ingear Drivers to handle the PLC communication aspects from within VS.

        Keep us posted on your solution!

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          I tried to post  several times but for whatever reason the posts did not go through .
          I wrote code to do just this kind of thing using OPC-DA .NET SDK   – but same principles with OPC-UA.
          I listened to a PLC tag and read in PLC data and sent my data to both a database sqllite and also another application via a virtual com port . This is straightforward since you have your own app – your programmers should be able to do it with ease.

          There are many ways to do this:
          OPC foundation SDK’s, Opensource AB drivers, Opensource code found on g i t_h u b.

          Converter Systems
          https:    git hub com   [fwd slash] convertersystems

          Since you have your own program – perhaps HMI perhaps not – Advanced HMI (vb  .NET)
          Many other open source models as well.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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